Virtualization can lower your IT expenses while offering other benefits like better efficiency, agility, and flexibility.

  • Cost Reduction: Hardware is typically more expensive than software. Virtualization is essentially replacing hardware with software, allowing you to represent a physical computer with a program that performs all the same functions.
  • Quicker Redeployment: The amount of time needed to replace a physical computer or server depends on whether you have a backup readily available and whether it has all the latest data and software. Virtual machines, on the other hand, can often be restored to earlier snapshots so quickly that users may hardly notice there was an issue.
  • Disaster Recovery: In the event of a disaster, virtualization can help you get back up and running much more quickly. If you have up-to-date snapshots, your virtual machines can be restored to run from another place on new hardware, if needed.
  • Vendor Flexibility: Virtual machines can typically run on different types of hardware; this gives you the flexibility to make changes without having to commit long-term to a given vendor.

Wired Solutions has extensive experience with VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V solutions, and we can help with all aspects of virtualization.

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