Servers provide centralized management of user accounts and passwords, secure data/file access, email hosting, network security enhancements, application hosting, ability to host databases (i.e. SQL, Microsoft Access), remote access capabilities for employees, and more.

  • Consulting
    We can help you find the right server solution for your needs, budget, and expected growth.
  • Purchase
    You can purchase your servers through us; we are resellers of many major brands, including Dell and HP.
  • Setup
    We can help with all aspects of installation and server configuration.
  • Maintenance and Support
    We provide proactive maintenance such as critical security patches service packs, troubleshooting, and support.
  • Server Upgrades
    As it becomes necessary to upgrade the server software or hardware (adding capacity), we can provide that.
  • Virtualization
    We can help customers reduce costs by virtualizing their server environment.

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