We have found that security of a business’s electronic data is a top concern of business owners. In this day and age, electronic data is under attack from criminals. This means business owners can no longer afford not to invest in this aspect of their business.

In the past, an anti-virus program on a PC was adequate. Today, a multi-tiered approach to security is needed. For instance, having a gateway firewall can help prevent malicious emails from even entering company inboxes. Strong client anti-virus solutions are also important. We can also help implement business policies to minimize the chance of security breaches, including strong password policies, implementing on-premise physical restrictions on the servers themselves (secure physical locations and access), and more.

Electronic data is the lifeblood of most businesses today. A secure network infrastructure and reliable data backup and recovery plan allows you as a business to stop worrying about your “computers” and start focusing on what you do best….running your business! This is where we come in. Our team realizes the importance of your data and can propose and implement the best solutions for your needs and budget to ensure you have the correct plan in place to protect your data.

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