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Managed IT Services

Letting you focus on your business instead of your technology

Our managed IT services are really about taking IT tasks off your plate and putting them on our plate. We have the ability to proactively monitor systems and alleviate potential problems to help keep your IT systems running smoothly. As a result, you can focus on running your business without having to worry about IT issues.

Here are some managed IT services we can provide:

  • Proactive Maintenance:
    • Much like taking in a car for an oil change, regular IT maintenance helps keep things running smoothly while allowing us to proactively address issues before they become problems.
  • System Health Monitoring 
    • This allows us to remotely monitor the health of the services that are running, just as if we were sitting right at your location.
  • Backups
    • Local and cloud-based backup, restore, and failover solutions.
  • Antivirus
    • We use best-in-class products to provide virus protection.
  • System updates
    • Scheduling and managing Microsoft and hardware device updates are a critical part of maintaining healthy and secure systems.
  • Email security
    • We can provide world-class solutions to prevent spam and malicious emails from entering your Inbox.

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