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Data Backup and System Failover Services

Companies never expect disaster to strike, and hopefully a disaster recovery plan is something you will never need. It is extremely important to have one in place, though. Statistics show that a majority of small businesses without a plan in place will fail simply because of the loss of electronic data due to catastrophe.

Whether your building burns down or someone just deletes an important file, you need to be able to recover electronic data.

We can provide solutions to let you recover data not only from extreme cases like disasters, fire and theft, but also from more minor cases like accidentally deleting something important. Our failover services can keep your electronic data available to you even while your physical location might be in the process of rebuilding or repair.

Our Data Backup and System Failover Services can include:

  • Disaster Planning and Recovery
  • Local, Off-site and cloud backups
  • Local and cloud server failover

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